Centurion SDO4 Sectional Garage Door Operator

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What coming home should feel like…

The SDO4 comes in two different models, making it suitable for virtually any size domestic garage door. Choose the T10 for smaller doors up to 12 square metres, or automate your bigger door with the powerful T12 model.


  • Battery Backup
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • Dual Mode adaptive safety force system
  • Infrared Safety Beam Input
  • Intuitive LED display and colour-coded buttons for ease of setup and configuration
  • Autoclose function (with optional override)
  • Door Service Monitor
  • Onboard Holiday Lockout feature

SDO4 kit with includes all mounting hardware, 3.2m track, battery and 2 x NOVA Tx4

Options include the T10 and T12 versions.

  • T10: 80W DC power supply with 1000N lifting capacity, for doors up to 12m2
  • T12: 100W DC power supply with 1200N lifting capacity, for doors up to 15m2



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