Commax 4.3″ Video Intercom Kit

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The Ultra Monitor is a 4.3″ hand-set type product that includes all that is essential for a monitor. Users will find it to be highly efficient as the device has incorporated the most fundamental and essential functions.

4.3” color monitor with applied vivid FINE VIEW technology and outstanding audio quality with handset.

Up to 2 monitors and interphones each are expandable per household, providing intercommunication function.

It creates a safer and more convenient living environment with entrance front door release control function.

  • Support 2 monitors, 1 camera and 2 Interphones(CDV-43K)
  • Support 2 monitors, 2 cameras and 2 Interphones(CDV-43K2)
  • Intercommunication with sub monitor and interphone.
  • Built-in memory storing in SD memory (SD Card is not included CDV-43KM)

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