ET Rolling Code 1 Button Remote control

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  • Class leading transmission range of up to 400m
  • Propriety Double Encryption ET-Blu Mix® Rolling Code, Uncrackable / Unhackable
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • Fully compatible with all E.T. rolling code receivers
  • Can be used to remotely activate: Electric fence, electric locks, garage and gate motors, alarms, shutters, blinds, awnings, pool pumps, lighting and many more.

Unlike a fixed code format remote control system that transmits the exact same code every time you operate your remote control device, the Keeloq rolling code format transmits a random code with every operation. This unique coding format is factory programmed. The only way to add a new transmitter to your security system is to program it into your receiver memory.

The ET-Blu Mix makes use of an enhanced rolling code format currently offering the user the ultimate in transmitter transmission security. A unique feature is that the user has the option of selecting either the new enhanced rolling code or the previous existing rolling code format, which makes the product backward compatible to E.T. rolling code receivers.

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