Paravision 100m Point to Point Outdoor beam

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  • Point-to-point Infrared detector capable for up to 100m by the simultaneous interruption of 3 infrared beams.
  • Full time NC/NO relay output, compatible with all other brand burglar alarm systems.
  • Digital frequency conversion.
  • Easy alignment with visual 2-bit digital LED indicator, showing signal strength.
  • PC engineering plastic material.
  • Professional waterproof design with the rubber seal around.
  • Resistant to rain, fog, snow and frost.
  • IP degree: IP65
  • Adopt microprocessor control (CPU), real digital circuit.
  • Built-in automatic adjustable strong light filtering system (up to 50,000 LUX), Good performance against direct sunlight, completely against fluorescent and car light.
  • AGC circuit, the detector will automatically increase sensitivity when faced harsh environment.
  • Horizontal / vertical optical angle can be easy to adjust.

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