Paravision 200m Point to Point Outdoor beam

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Point-to-point Infrared detector capable for up to 200m by the simultaneous interruption of 4 infrared beams.
Full time NC/NO relay output, compatible with all other brand burglar alarm systems.
Digital frequency conversion.
Easy alignment with visual 2-bit digital LED indicator, showing signal strength.
PC engineering plastic material.
Professional waterproof design with the rubber seal around.
Resistant to rain, fog, snow and frost.
IP degree: IP65
Adopt microprocessor control (CPU), real digital circuit.
Built-in automatic adjustable strong light filtering system (up to 50,000 LUX), Good performance against direct sunlight, completely against fluorescent and car light.
AGC circuit, the detector will automatically increase sensitivity when faced harsh environment.
Horizontal / vertical optical angle can be easy to adjust.

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