Sentry SGO6 Gate Motor – Full Kit

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SENTRY™ New Sliding Gate Operator SGO6, is the ideal solution for controlling  domestic sliding gates and light industrial gates with a mass of up to 600kg. It is FEATURE RICH, RELIABLE and ROBUST.

Benefit from some unique features:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) enabled via optional plug-in  GSM/ Bluetooth  or Wi-Fi communication modules contained in the control system.
  • Anti-Tamper alarm function based on built-in accelerometer.
  • Hall effect sensor encoder with reliable gate position and direction of movement sensing. This makes the use of the origin magnet optional and selectable by the user.
  • Advanced motor H-bridge drive. Thermal protection based on constant temperature monitoring.
  • Onboard universal code hopping received means any 433MHz code hopping remotes can be coded to this motor – No more needing specific remotes for specific applications!

All other industry standard gate operator features are implemented:

  • Graphic LCD display as part of the User Interface.
  • Built-in RF receiver with a capacity of 500 remote buttons.
  • H-bridge with closed-loop motor control.
  • Adjustable gate running profile.
  • Automated gate limits setup procedure.
  • Advanced gate collision detection.
  • Battery back-up operation in case of AC power failure.
  • Infrared beams battery low reconfigurable input.
  • Backup of all settings and remotes via SENTRY Backup memory module.
  • Built in panic facility.

Full kit includes operator, base plate, control card, 12v 7ah Battery, 2 x 2m lengths of Nylon Angle iron rack and 2 x 4 Button code hopping remotes.

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