Xintek 10m Outdoor Strip Beams

Xintek 10m Outdoor Strip Beams

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Photoelectric Strip Window Beams are designed to provide a full coverage or protection of a building from intrusion using a various number of beams (4, 6 or 10 beams), to protect and cover windows of different sizes, door or entrances. 
The Flexible installation does not require a common power supply between the receiver and transmitter. 
  • Maximum of 10m
  • Requires 2 adjacent beams to be triggered simultaneously
  • Difficult to crawl under or jump over
  • Can adjust 180°
  • Slim line aluminum design, aesthetically pleasing


  • 4 beam: 4cm x 70cm
  • 6 beam: 4cm x 117cm
  • 10beam: 4cm x 210cm

Optional brackets available for easy installation.